Monday, Monday

I had set my alarm clock for 8:30 a.m., just to make sure that Al had gotten up on time. His volunteer morning at the pistol range, and there also is some sort of “Volunteer Appreciation” drop-in later in the day. I had planned to take a nap, but he has just now walked in the door.

For breakfast, I enjoyed a cup of cottage cheese (the last in the refrigerator) and a glass of orange juice. Al forgot to eat more than his first serving out of his potato salad carton, so we’ve split what was left and called it lunch. After breakfast I made a nice, large mug of cold Toddy coffee, which I’ve sipped for maybe four hours: 1 part of homemade coffee concentrate, 1 part half-and-half, and 2 parts whole milk.

After breakfast, Sam and I ventured outdoors. (Sam left Flea inside to take a nap. I still haven’t swapped the current, very muddy Flea for the clean one at the top of the cleaning closet. Maybe after the next set of rains, which I believe ends—just looked that up—next weekend!)

Dew rested heavy on the blue Wild Flax flowers, this morning. What weren’t on those flowers, however (see photo below), were honey bees. The stems are slight and the petals delicate. Not up to the honey bee’s weight. The bee would spot a likely flower, settle into the center, the stem would bend, the petal under the hind legs turn into a steep slide, and off would go the bee. Instantly. Every time. Over and over and over again. The photo below is one of the honey bees in recovery after freefall.

I am in the process of backing up all data files (documents, photos, etc.) from my Samsung netbook to the 2TB external drive, while deleting stuff I don’t need to keep. I intend to that computer for Internet stuff, keeping it clean for web surfing and miscellaneous writing, while keeping confidential/sensitive data off of computers connected to the net, aside from software backups. I have photo files back to 2003, and I need to get them organized, once they’re together. At 12 years of photography, I’m beginning to have trouble remembering just when I shot what and also where to find it in my archives. Step one? Bring together and consolidate all the archives.