Lovely rain

I have been in the backyard gazebo for a nice lot of time, now, listening to the rain on the roof and enjoying the warm air from the space heater, brought out for the occasion, across my legs. I would like to stay out longer, but I have no idea what Samantha is up to in my absence. She decided not to join me, here. (Ah! She is watching me from inside. I had left that door open, not wanting her to get wet when she decided to abandon me.)

Away! I have not yet written an immediate poem to the prompt, Away, from last week’s Poetry 101 Rehab. The gazebo is a beautiful Away that is most enjoyed in cool, cloudy, rainy weather. Note to self: Think about it, write the poem. Write two poems!

In a little more than an hour, the temperature has risen three degrees, in here. That’s quite nice, really.