Tuesday, Early

Up at 6 o'clock?
Up at 6 o’clock?

Samantha and I awoke quite early, this morning, and managed to wake Al, also. But he went back to sleep, again. The sun was out and the sky was mostly clear of clouds when we first went out, but the forecast calls for cool, rainy weather for this afternoon. The birds were still singing their early morning calls, making jokes, and chasing one another through the sky above our house, playing at aerial battles like fighter planes. A lot of avian laughter ensued, carrying over the sounds of leaves rustling in the breezes.

Early Morning Sky
Early Morning Sky

Last night seemed quite disjointed as I continued to do computer backups and sorted photo files and directories. I am almost certain that I have deleted some files I should not have, but I expect that those photos probably are on some other disk or computer. I still feel a bit disoriented.

I put on coffee and brought a cup to Al when he woke up, but I have not poured any for myself, yet. I still feel full from breakfast, which was very good: canned tamales, heated in a microwaveable dish with grated mozzarella cheese and heated and cold tomato slices, and a cup of vegetable juice.

tamales, tomatoes and cheese
Tamales for Breakfast

The Fargo Community Police Picnic has been canceled due to the impending bad weather this afternoon and evening, and so our ham radio club meeting will be held at the usual meeting space. I hope it is rescheduled…but I think we have rainy days scheduled for most of the rest of the month. I like the bloodhound with Search and Rescue.