Monday was fun

On Monday, I didn’t wake up until almost eight o’clock, which is quite late for me, lately. Sam and I didn’t get out into the gardens until almost eight-thirty. For breakfast, near as I can remember, I had a couple ounces of mozzarella cheese and a large mug of Toddy coffee, made with half-and-half and homemade coffee concentrate. Lunch also was skimpy: deli turkey meat and a slice of Swiss cheese on millet-and-chia bread, a handful of Al’s potato chips, and half a cup of cranberry juice diluted with half a cup of filtered water.

lunch - turkey & cheese sandwich, potato chips, and cranberry juice

My chores for today were to wash dishes, mail a payment, and email a poetry submission. I emailed two poems, washed half a dozen dishes and cups, and never got around to the mail. Nor was any delivered to our house. I spent the afternoon working with my photographs, until Al came home and we decided to take advantage of the $5.99 burger special (every Monday at Applebee’s). It was quite good. About an hour ago, I felt hungry, and so I heated a can of tamales. I do love tamales.

Here are a few of the photographs from Sunday and Monday that I’ve worked on.

This is my favorite:

Unopened Blue Wild Flax Flowers, inverted colors
Unopened Blue Wild Flax Flowers

As I prepare to drift off to sleep, I realize that I forgot to write a poem to the Poetry 101 Rehab prompt for this week: Found. I believe that I should found some sort of sanctuary or social movement, rather than finding anything. Or possibly found butter, i.e., melt it and pour it into a mold. Be paid $30 a week and found for doing odd jobs for an older couple down the street.

Now, will I be able to sleep, or will I write a poem?


2 thoughts on “Monday was fun

  1. I love cranberry diluted with sparkling water and a slice of lime. It’s is what I drink when working at the hotel, otherwise nothing but junk for choices. Have you tried haloumi cheese? I just love it, with a plate of stir fry, it makes me very happy 🙂


    1. I had never heard of haloumi cheese. I will check the specialty cheese case, next time we’re at the grocer’s. It sounds like something I might like. I have diluted my cranberry juice with 7-Up when I have that to hand. Is good with the lemon-lime taste. 🙂


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