Not awake

I seem to have taken a very long nap. How did it get to be Wednesday already? We bought all sorts of good things at the grocery and butcher’s shop, early in the evening. I cooked and ate a bleu-cheese burger. Didn’t think of the potato salad or, a special treat, the crab salad. Didn’t think of the chocolate pudding, which I haven’t eaten for what seems like ages. Just . . . very tired. I did take some photographs, and was going to do up a couple special for this blog. that may still happen.

Also, I did write my poem, yesterday, for the Poetry 101 Rehab challenge on Quilted Poetry.


“I Have Found…”

I have found

that everyone is faking it
that nobody knows for sure
that the ones who are positive they know best
… don’t

I have found

that I’m better off doing my own faking
that dealing with facts gets results
that if I’m going to die, it should be from my mistakes,
… not someone else’s wishful thinking

I have found

that I sleep soundly when I make my own decisions
that things do not always turn out okay
that someday, everyone dies
… and that’s not my fault

Copyright © 2015-06-23, by Elizabeth Bennefeld. All rights reserved.

Poetry 101 Rehab with Mara Eastern
Prompt: Found