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Photo Art 2013-08-21

Before going to sleep, last night, I looked through my archives for some more good shots of the blue wild flax flowers and determined that I can duplicate that particular color using IrfanView.

Also, I made a silhouette (see below) from one of the snapshots I took yesterday morning, just after five o’clock, of an irregular meeting of the murder of crows that lives in our extended neighborhood. This was the first time I’ve seen a gathering in the cottonwood just across the back fence from us. The middle of the three large branches from the trunk, which has been cut back too many times by the power company to keep it off their lines, has died. I firmly expect it to fall in the indefinite future and take out power and phone service for many blocks. Maybe the next time we have a storm with 80+ mph straight-line winds.

crows in the neighbor's cottonwood tree
Murder of Crows
Dead Tree Branches