Tuesday’s Flower Art

We got up first thing in the morning, Tuesday, and Samantha and I were out in the back yard with the camera by seven o’clock. Because of the wildfires in Saskatchewan, Canada, smoke has dimmed the sunlight, adding a different cast to the photographs. The blues of the wild flax flowers appear much deeper and richer.

We finally had a break in the wet weather (rain and high humidity and heavy dew) enough that Al could mow the yard, which by this time had developed into a coat of invasive weeds. False buckwheat, bindweed, mustard, thistles and clover among them.

This was a special day; my sister and her daughter are on vacation from New England for a week. They dropped by to visit, mid-afternoon, a lot of talking, sharing, laughter and story telling. I believe that they have not been in this part of the country for seven or eight years. They got to meet Flea, play with Samantha, and visit the gazebo and the flower garden.

On a friend’s recommendation, we went to the Holiday Inn for dinner. Al and my sister ordered breaded walleye pike (what my sister comes back to Minnesota for, really, not to visit with family), my niece had the ribs, and I chose the salmon steak with tarragon rice pilaf. Turns out that none of the four of us do soup and salad bar. And all of us drink water with our meals.

It’s uncanny, how alike we three are, given our diverse ages and experiences.