We’ll pretend it’s still Thursday

I’ve enjoyed some lazy days, sleeping in late and not accomplishing much. Minimal dish washing, no out-and-abouts except for grocery shopping…which I should have skipped, because I forgot a bag of groceries at the store. The pork butt roast is now in the Crock Pot; I will bake the chicken breasts on Friday.

I’ve not done a lot of cooking, this week, aside from omelets. I’ve had several salads and lots of sandwiches.

glass of vegetable juice and assembled deli beef sandwich, cottage cheese, hardboiled egg and carrots
Late Supper

This might sound silly, because everyone makes mistakes every day, but I still have the feeling that if I make a mistake, the sky will fall. It was not that I made so many mistakes, growing up, but that I made any at all. What games! It is surprising that through it all, I managed to achieve my goals in life, which involved no more than supporting my reading habit…and keeping me and the books dry. Computers/Nook readers have made that less expensive than it used to be. And I spend more time now making up my own stories, like I did when I was a child.

When I was a child, I loved finger-painting. (*⌒▽⌒*)θ~♪

golden flower created from photo of blue wild flax flower
Golden Flax Flower
Yellow flower on blue,green background created from photo of blue wild flax flower
Yellow Wild Flax Flower

Because it’s Monday

…and I haven’t gotten to the computer or camera much, today, here are some previous flower art photos that I have redone, looking for some bolder effects.

I was able to go out to eat with my friend, a woman I worked with for most of the time I was with Northwest Computer Services/Norwest Corporation), beginning in 1969. It’s always nice to catch up on what’s happening; she was mostly on the west coast, these past few years. We had the cucumber & shrimp soup at North China Cuisine. Nice!

And then, when Al got home, we decided to take advantage of the $5.99 burger special at Applebee’s. I tried the Asian Pineapple burger, this time. Not fond of the chili sauce, but otherwise a nice change of tastes. Substituted the mixed vegetables for potatoes. Nice lot of zucchini in the serving, cooked but slightly crunchy.

I still am puzzled as to what to do next, needing an alternate preoccupation for a while. I know that I need something with more physical activity. Not sure what I can do safely with what’s on hand. If I can clear enough space in the living room (we are having to relocate some things from the basement, so the egress window can be added), I could once again pull out the NY City Ballet workout DVD (the 1st one) and be oh, so careful not to overdo the repetitions…

Some Favorites

I found a few more Ladybugs wandering around on thistle leaves:

Ladybug Exploration
Ladybug Exploration
Ladybug, Going Down
Ladybug, Going Down

Also, I have played around with some hollyhock photos. It surprises me, how many different hues hide in them.

Hollyhock (Photoart)
Hollyhock (Photoart)
Hollyhock  (Photoart)

Finally, I am not sure which name to attach to these flowers, which are found in a gigantic white snowball of white flowers. I took this photograph at my sister-in-law’s house.

White Flowers
White Flowers

Honey Bee in the Thistles

honey bee seeking nectar from a common thistle flower amonst others
Thistle and Bee

And an update on the bunny rabbits in our back yard. This morning their mother came to take them on an exploration of the wider neighborhood &$151; or perhaps just to get them out of Samantha’s way. We’ll see if they are back here again this evening. I discovered that there were three bunnies rather than just the two. I caught a photo of two of them just after they had crossed the street in front of our house, and then a third bunny came scrambling out from a parked car about ten feet from me and ran to catch up with the other two. The mother rabbit had gone out of the yard by another route in the meantime.

two bunnies, about a month old, sitting in the shadows across the road from our house
Two Bunnies in the Shade

Bee in the Thistles

emerald bee, upper left, amongst the thistle flowers

emerald bee on a purple thistle flower

While we were in the back yard, waiting for the Blue Angels to fly over our house (rehearsing for the weekend’s air show), I took some photos of the thistle flowers in the garden, which included an emerald bee. I do so like them!

The rabbits are still alive and well, and managing to avoid Samantha. I’m only seeing one at a time, but I’m trusting that both are still there, dividing their time between the garden and their new burrow. The clover is widespread, right now, with moist leaves and white flowers. I haven’t seen their mother inside the fence recently. Don’t know if she still looks after them, but they are old enough to have been weaned, and they’re able to move pretty much freely most of the time. Samantha (cocker spaniel) is fairly good about coming when I call, unless she and the bunny are actually staring at each other at the time.

Flower Art / Friday

Blue wild flax flower, textures applied, inverted and enhanced colors
Wild Flax Flower, no. 20894
blue wild flax flower, color and contrast altered
Wild Flax Flower, no. 20872
Blue wild flax flower, inverted colors, textures, etc.
Wild Flax Flower, no. 20902
Blue wild flax flower, contrast and color manipulated
Wild Flax no. 20880

With the storms and threats of storms around us, I didn’t get a lot of sleep. Awakened twice, but three “Code Red” phone calls to announce impending severe weather, the last around two in the morning. I gave up and brewed hot tea. I had something else to eat, but I honestly do not remember what it was. I must quit having nightmares. It is counterproductive when no routes to action make themselves available. Storms will come whether I want them to or not.