Tuesday Flowers

While the clear sky is not ideal for photography, I have modified two of today’s snapshots, stylized and soft focus.

stylized picture of hoverfly on blue wild flax flower


hoverfly on a blue wild flax flower, sunlit

We have been much troubled, here, with the smoke from Saskatchewan’s wildfires that are predicted to continue bringing hazy skies and particulate matter through July. I remain indoors during the bad days, air cleaners turned to high and central air fan always on to run the indoor air through the central air’s filter.

I am still taking Samantha outside on her leash, because of the bunnies in the backyard garden. At least, I hope they still are there. Since the nextdoor neighbors bought a house and moved, with their dog, a large neighborhood cat has been hunting there. I am hopeful that it cannot get through our fence.

Twice, Sam has caught a bunny in our yard, once after Al and I fenced off the garden, but leaving enough spaces for the mother rabbit to go in and out freely. She caught one that ventured too close to the edge, but didn’t harm it. After examining the bunny to make sure it was uninjured, I put it back into the garden, which is at this point filled with tall grasses and blue Wild Flax. When Sam and I first went out into the yard, this morning, the mother rabbit was eating clover in the yard to the north of us, where the old Dachshund lives. I expect we may have a couple of weeks to go before the rabbits are weaned and on their way out of here.