Wild Flax Flowers – Thursday

Thanks to having to take Samantha outside on a leash, I had many opportunities to take photographs, today. The mother rabbit taunted Samantha by sitting just the other side of the fence, calmly eating clover while Sam tried to get me to let her close enough to lunge. Poor Sam!

Al went alone to Val’s funeral service, Thursday morning; I was right not to attend, he said, because the incense at the end of the service would have made me quite ill. On top of the smoke in the air the past couple of weeks (and expected to continue into August, I understand)…I don’t really want another visit to the emergency department.

Somewhere in my archives, I have some nice pictures of goatsbeard, butter-n-eggs, toadflax, the orchard morning glory, and other beautiful weeds. The smoke affects both my eyesight and my concentration; I am taking my time on that project. I am sleeping a lot, again. Al took me out to supper at Denny’s. He had a (gigantic1 how does he get his mouth around it?) hamburger with many layers with accompanying diced new potatoes (breakfast potatoes?).
I tried the new-to-me “Human Torch Skillet”, which was brilliant! For dessert, a few hours later, I put together a bowl of sliced banana, softened strawberry-vanilla ice cream, and homemade chocolate. ⁞ ᵕ ‿ ᵕ ⁞

I am expecting out-of-town company, sometime on Monday. That will be nice.


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