The changes in humidity and temperature have contributed, I think, to my feeling so relaxed. These past two nights I’ve slept the night through with nine or more hours of sleep each night, although I also have taken no daytime naps, which is unusual. I woke up this morning and took Samantha out for her walk in the back yard. On one of our outings, this morning, she forgot her flea on the back step, and so I took it in for her. Just this once! 😀

Samantha in the Back Yard
Samantha in the Back Yard
the sesame street Flea dog toy
Samantha’s Flea

There’s been a lot of rain, recently, with winds, and so the blue wild flax flowers have not been up to snuff. They’re dropping off their stems earlier in the day. Today, it was before noon, and the flowers were sparse when we first got outside. The sunshine filtered by the bushes made a beautiful picture.

Close-up of blue wild flax flower
Wild Flax in Partial Shade
Filtered Sunlight
Filtered Sunlight

We have nothing further lined up for today. I have acquired some good books that I plan to finish. And I should have another meal, and then wash dishes. Al has decided that one half slice of watermelon is his limit. I am not sure that Samantha and I can eat the rest of it before it spoils.