Summer Colors

These pictures from my archives were taken in 2010 and 2009. The garden photo was reworked this evening—not my garden, but one in the neighborhood that I admired.

photo art piece, garden, colors inverted and saturation increased
A Neighborhood Garden
a honey bee seated on a flower bud behind an opened hollyhock flower
Honey Bee on Hollyhock

We’ve another storm moving through the Dakotas into Minnesota. I think that Fargo is not to be inundated, this time. I do love the sounds of rolling thunder and rain on the roof. If the storm were predicted to be a wild one, I would disconnect the computers and move to the gazebo for the duration.

I am considering cottage cheese and fruit for supper. I’m sure that I’ve leftover crushed pineapple in the refrigerator. There’s half a watermelon to consider…but not so soon. I think I will leave it for my husband. It should make a good late-night snack.