Early Saturday Morning, it was

Samantha and I were out early this morning. (She woke me at 6:34 a.m.) I took photos of the wild flax flowers before the shadows had fled the garden. Now that the bunnies have left the flower garden, it is easier to take photographs. Also, because the rain and strong winds have beaten the grass practically flat, in there. There has been so much rain that the lawn is growing a whole new set of “volunteer” vegetation; if the NWS forecasts are correct, there will be no more rain until Tuesday evening, which should allow for the mowing.

Samantha is more actively searching for rabbits, now, but concentrating on the gap between the gate and fence at the back of the yard and also where there seems to be a widened space beneath the gazebo. The gazebo rests on/is bolted to concrete blocks; beneath are sand/gravel over plastic sheeting, with at least a six-inch clearance for rabbits taking shelter or making nests. Beneath the (non wood) flooring in the gazebo, planks with spaces between, there is strong metal mesh. The planks can be easily removed; so could the mesh, I expect, for a thorough cleaning if needed.

After feeding Sam, I went through the photos I had taken. I deleted more than half of them, but did do some satisfying art work with some of those photos that remained. Not all were of flowers or of Samantha. I also took some snapshots across the back fence. It looks like at least two tents were pitched across the fence from us and down a lot. Friends staying, I suppose, and there not being enough room in house them indoors. I think that all the rain was done early in the evening. If they remain through the weekend, I expect I will have to stay indoors unless there is no wind, because the cooking and eating will take place out of doors. Which is just as well, because I have a lot of inside work to catch up with.

Al will be working for a couple of hours, this afternoon. With the rain gone away, I can put the plug back in the drain, downstairs, and catch up again on the laundry. Next week I am hoping to be rested enough to get back to the pistol range. Al gave my competition pistol a thorough cleaning, but I imagine that I will have to re-sight the red-dot sights. It has been too many years since I’ve gotten an eye exam. I really a couple pairs of new glasses.