Sunday was lovely

Sunday was a very lovely day. Early in the morning, Samantha and I enjoyed taking photos of rapidly moving blue wild flax flowers (there was such a wind!) and then went to the kitchen to make breakfast. I put together a cup of plain yogurt with sliced strawberries and banana. Kibbles for Sam, which she saved for later in the morning, and leftovers from my yogurt bowl.

a bowl of plain yogurt with sliced bananas and strawberries
Yogurt and Fruit

While the wind was strong, the lighting was such that I the few good photographs at least worked for photo art, if not traditional photography. I went through the morning photos, and then Al and I went to Denny’s for breakfast. I do so appreciate the gluten-free notations on the menu. I ordered an omelet with prime rib, cheese, etc., served with hashed potatoes and a gluten-free English muffin. Entirely too much food, but it tasted really nice. Al ran some errands, while Samantha and I sat in the back yard. Al bought a folding camp chair with a back support. I put it on the paving bricks in front of the garden shed and used my larger plastic exercise ball as a foot rest. Sat in the shade, partly out of the wind, and read a book by Carola Dunn (Thea’s Marquis).  When Al got home, we each took our naps. Later in the evening, I took my chair outside, again, and read on the back step beneath the light. There was enough wind that there were no insects to bother me, and came from a direction that kept the smoke from the fire across the back fence from blowing into our yard. All of the tents were gone from the back yard, and the evening was quiet. It was quite dark by the time we came inside, again.

I received an email this weekend, also, from an old friend who has moved back into town and found, when she wanted to invite me to lunch with her, that our phone number no longer worked. I emailed the new number to her, and she will call to arrange a day and time. We’ve settled on a restaurant.

It’s entirely too late. I will wish, tomorrow, that I had gotten more sleep.