Bee in the Thistles

emerald bee, upper left, amongst the thistle flowers

emerald bee on a purple thistle flower

While we were in the back yard, waiting for the Blue Angels to fly over our house (rehearsing for the weekend’s air show), I took some photos of the thistle flowers in the garden, which included an emerald bee. I do so like them!

The rabbits are still alive and well, and managing to avoid Samantha. I’m only seeing one at a time, but I’m trusting that both are still there, dividing their time between the garden and their new burrow. The clover is widespread, right now, with moist leaves and white flowers. I haven’t seen their mother inside the fence recently. Don’t know if she still looks after them, but they are old enough to have been weaned, and they’re able to move pretty much freely most of the time. Samantha (cocker spaniel) is fairly good about coming when I call, unless she and the bunny are actually staring at each other at the time.

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