Honey Bee in the Thistles

honey bee seeking nectar from a common thistle flower amonst others
Thistle and Bee

And an update on the bunny rabbits in our back yard. This morning their mother came to take them on an exploration of the wider neighborhood &$151; or perhaps just to get them out of Samantha’s way. We’ll see if they are back here again this evening. I discovered that there were three bunnies rather than just the two. I caught a photo of two of them just after they had crossed the street in front of our house, and then a third bunny came scrambling out from a parked car about ten feet from me and ran to catch up with the other two. The mother rabbit had gone out of the yard by another route in the meantime.

two bunnies, about a month old, sitting in the shadows across the road from our house
Two Bunnies in the Shade