Because it’s Monday

…and I haven’t gotten to the computer or camera much, today, here are some previous flower art photos that I have redone, looking for some bolder effects.

I was able to go out to eat with my friend, a woman I worked with for most of the time I was with Northwest Computer Services/Norwest Corporation), beginning in 1969. It’s always nice to catch up on what’s happening; she was mostly on the west coast, these past few years. We had the cucumber & shrimp soup at North China Cuisine. Nice!

And then, when Al got home, we decided to take advantage of the $5.99 burger special at Applebee’s. I tried the Asian Pineapple burger, this time. Not fond of the chili sauce, but otherwise a nice change of tastes. Substituted the mixed vegetables for potatoes. Nice lot of zucchini in the serving, cooked but slightly crunchy.

I still am puzzled as to what to do next, needing an alternate preoccupation for a while. I know that I need something with more physical activity. Not sure what I can do safely with what’s on hand. If I can clear enough space in the living room (we are having to relocate some things from the basement, so the egress window can be added), I could once again pull out the NY City Ballet workout DVD (the 1st one) and be oh, so careful not to overdo the repetitions…