Sunday Morning

Samantha woke me around 8:30, this morning, and we went outside. The temperature is still in the 60s, which is a wonderful change from the mid-90s.  I am not sure we’re going to get rain, but the forecast indicates there’s a chance until mid-evening. I took some photographs while we were out, then came in and put out breakfast for myself and Samantha (who chose to curl up in the deep shadows at the back of her crate and go back to sleep). I had planned to have a hard-boiled egg, but found none in the refrigerator, and so I put on nine eggs to boil while I assembled something else.


breakfast: grapes, semi-soft cheeses, rolled deli turkey breast, cranberry juice
Sunday Breakfast

This morning’s weather (61 °F, and a stiff breeze) was not conducive to picture taking, but I’ve pulled out a few that are presentable with some “adjustments”.

The rest of the morning was taken up by chores. In addition to putting the eggs on to boil (now cooked, labeled and back in the refrigerator), I have put the coming week’s Toddy coffee on to steep, and caught up on the dish-washing. When the weather is cooler, and I have fewer problems breathing, and everything seems to take 90% less time to do.

I much prefer the Toddy coffee, because it is less acidic and tastes sweet, unlike coffee that is brewed using hot instead of cold water. I believe the cold-brewed coffee also has more caffeine. We use Folgers classic roast (medium grind). I usually add the coffee concentrate to half-and-half or whole milk rather than water, which gives it a more noticeable chocolate-like undertaste, one part coffee concentrate to two to three parts milk. Otherwise, I’m a drinker of strong, black tea.