Only One Flower

I’ve taken two photographs of the same flower from Friday afternoon’s venture into the garden before the last of the day’s flowers had wilted and dropped. This first photo is as it came from the camera, aside from the reduced size.

Blue Wild Flax Flower,
no photo editing

Here are three altered pictures of the same flower: two photos taken within a minute of each other and then manipulated using several of the free software programs that I enjoy using.

I think I am doing better, this evening. We went out to eat again this evening, having a Senior Discount punch card that we used to receive one free entrée. Grilled salmon, again, and it was lovely! We’ve had rain, which I hope will help hold together the dirt spread along the back of the house and garage. That is where I spread grass seed, this afternoon, and replanted chives. The wild flax, an annual, is reseeding, now. Fewer flowers as we come to the end of the season.