The House and Garden(s)

The garden in which the blue wild flax grow has not yet been tended to, but the other gardens, which bordered the house and garage, are covered in up to half a foot of new topsoil, covering the areas where sidewalks have been removed and where the ground has sunk. As well, we filled in the area where a large poplar was removed (over 10 years ago, I think) and roots have eventually rotted away.

In the few days since the dirt was scattered, the bindweed has emerged and started to cover the area where the poplar was. My husband suggested hopefully that if we put down enough grass seed, it would crowd out the weeds. Since the weeds have been crowding out the established grass for the past ten years or more (and the poison ivy is proliferating at a frightening rate, not to mention the tall and flat thistles that now require my wearing my moccasins when entering the back of the yard, near the fence line.

This afternoon, I scattered grass seed on the west side of the house in anticipation of rains this afternoon and this evening. I also replanted the chive bulbs that I had to dig up so that a new step could be poured at the back door. The cluster was very fat, and so I separated the bulbs and planted them along the house for several feet on both sides of the new step. The two wild violets that the worker saved for me have been replanted in the same area from which they were removed. When I was done planting, I took a couple containers of water from the dehumidifier in the basement to wet down the soil.

I still have a stack of what I assume are iris rhizomes. I’ve read the description of characteristics to look for when dividing and replanting rhizomes, and I don’t understand them. (I must look for photographs.) I expect that I have another week in which to divide and plant them, since they’re lying in their dirt in the garden’s shade.

I have taken very few photographs since the work on the house and yard was completed, mid-afternoon on Wednesday, even of the wild flax. On Thursday we had to get up, because work was needed on the car, which we had put off so that I would not be left alone and in charge of decision making while the work here was being completed. We did go off for a grilled salmon dinner at a local restaurant (for a bit less than we have been spending on beef); it has been a long while since we have eaten fish. It was very good.

Since then, in between chores, I have been sleeping. Al got a tension rod at the neighborhood hardware store, so we now have a colored bed sheet covering the new double windows in the kitchen. I like the egress window in the basement, but we will need at least one step up to it in the basement and a wooden ladder of some sort to exit the window well into the back yard.  We have a pressure pole for that, but I haven’t gotten out the tape measure and fabrics box to find something that will do for a window blind. I know that my beach towel won’t work, but there must be a piece somewhere. My first thought is to check the remnants counter at the nearest fabrics store. It wouldn’t take too long to bind up the edges and attach loops. It’s been so long since I’ve sewn anything that I might also have to buy needles and new thread. (I have straight pins, but only embroidery and cross-stitch threads and needles.)

Another “celebration” of sorts! Now that we are nearing the end of the gruesome chores (window treatments, watering grass, seeding gardens, sealing wooden frames and windows so I can re-enter the kitchen safely, etc.), we have goodies! Al bought three Raspberry Pi computers and memory cards, and he is going to help me learn how to set up the operating system and such on mine. I splurged and ordered the $35 model. When I am awake again, I will enjoy reading more about the capabilities and limitations.

The way I have my IdeaCentre set up, all I will have to do is transfer my USB hub from the desktop to the Pi, and I could have mouse, keyboard, monitor, CD drive, and/or printer connected. I am not certain whether any of my external hard drives can be used on it as is for external storage, since I’m already using them for backups on the other computers.

Samantha (cocker spaniel) has discovered that I am awake. She’s suggested that we explore luncheon possibilities. She is still missing Nathan, the man who did most of the work on the house repairs. He always took time to pet and play with her when I brought her outside on her leash. I don’t know how long it will be before she quits looking for him whenever she goes outside.

I may or may not get another set of photo art pieces uploaded here before I fall asleep again. The wild flax hadn’t totally faded away by the time I got outside during Friday’s afternoon.