How can it be Wednesday?

cocker spaniel and flea dog toy, willing photog models
Good Sides to the Camera

I went to sleep far too late, last night, and almost didn’t wake up in time to put on coffee before we lost our power (someone mixed up the days, them or us, but we were expecting them to be on our street on Tuesday or Thursday). With the air filtering system off and a cloudy morning contributing to the proliferation of blue wild flax flowers, Samantha and I completed several photography trips to the back yard, where we spotted a variety of subjects. We went out together yesterday, also, but Samantha and Flea were the only available models.

workman atop a power pole
Power Pole

Today’s models included a couple of fellows at the top of a new telephone pole erected at the far end of the yard south of ours, where the house is now for sale. We took this picture on the second outing, and did not take any more pictures once a second technician joined him when two hours of planned work stretched to three.

The leaves on our cotoneaster bushes are changing to yellow, and I expect that they soon will be showing red. The applets on their branches are popular with the birds in general, but particularly by those who do not migrate south for the winter. This evening, a lot of the mid-sized birds gathered in the half-dead cottonwood tree across the back fence from us. There was a lot of fussing and flying about when Samantha and I came outside.

There also were several hoverflies in the wild flax flowers. Two different sizes and markings. I love the colors of these pollinators. Hoverflies, also called flower flies or sweat bees, belong to the insect family Syrphidae. The larva of some species of Syrphidae eat aphids.


Now, having gotten the laundry done, I must wash the dishes. I didn’t get through all of them, yesterday. While the power was out, our refrigerator’s temperature didn’t get up to 40 °F.