Where was Thursday morning?

fog at 9:00 a.m.
Fog at the End of the Street

I think that rain may have continued through the night. But even so, the fog was still relatively thick and the flowers and grass heavy with dew at nine o’clock, this morning. Samantha decided to leave Flea inside, today, possibly thinking that she did not care to drag a wet toy into her dry burrow beneath the end table for their morning nap. She stared morosely at the foggy street, and then turned toward the house and trudged to the (new) back step to wait for me to finish with picture-taking.

my black cocker spaniel staring through the backyard fence
Samantha, Staring into the Fog

The blue wild flax was soaked, stems, flowers and leaves, and the lighting was nonexistent. However, I have had fun playing with filters to bring some definition to the flowers and their stems. Only one “flower art” piece, today.

2 wild flax flowers, colors manipulated reddish gold, fresh dew throughout
Art Piece, No. 23904

Still feeling quite tired after our trip to visit the parents. I slept straight through until eight o’clock, this morning. I expect that I should have something to eat before I go back to bed. I made yogurt Tuesday evening, and we bought ice cream. Maybe I will simply go back to sleep. (I think that Al has.)

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