Meal Planning

The past week or so (since our anniversary dinner at the Olive Garden, I guess, on September 26), I have been thinking about and a couple times, making pasta meals. My sister-in-law D. gave me a big bag of gluten-free products, including bread and waffle mixes and a Macaroni and Cheese box. I realized, after our dinner, that while I may not like wet-and-serve American cheese powder, I do rather like macaroni with no sauces on it per se. My first try-out was the macaroni with (the plastic cheese and) tinned Deming’s Wild Alaskan salmon. That was not at all bad. Even the leftovers, the next day, were good cold. My husband did not care to try it. He does not like fish, he says, although we have many times, recently, headed for Denny’s for their grilled salmon. It’s really good.

This week, I found two packages of “my” pasta on a “Clearance” table at the grocery. [I guess I’m going to have to find another source.]  This time, it was not the plastic cheese stuff, but just a couple different kinds of pasta. This time, instead of plastic cheese, I sprinkled grated Swiss cheese on top. The “meat” ingredient was canned La Preferida tamales. Instead of a sauce, I added a can of diced tomatoes with added green pepper and celery and something else, I think. I also tossed in a handful of frozen green peas.

I forgot that I had bought bunching onions again, or I would have chopped some of those to put in. I also forgot that the chives I dug up and divided, and then replanted when the extra dirt was packed up against the house, have taken nicely and have been growing new greens. I would have chopped some of those, also.

Pasta and Tamale Casserole
Pasta and Tamale Casserole

Today I had leftovers. Al decided that he wanted to finish the pizza he’d gotten last night. His loss! I also treated myself to a big salad for lunch. [For breakfast, this morning, I had Toddy coffee and a hard-boiled egg. Again.] I think that I’m going to end up eating most of these creations on my own, so I need to plan a variety of pasta entrées that are single serving (and gluten-free). I still have a can of salmon in the cupboard. I must look around and see what I can see.

Green & Veggies Salad