Insomnia = flower

Photo - 2015-10-11, no. 24526

Cannot get to sleep, tonight. I hope that once I do, I can sleep for seven or eight hours. (I did that last night, and it felt good.) Trying to do too much, and not taking breaks when I get frustrated.

Looks like my laptop computer is dying. I’m keeping everything backed up, every day, and trying to spread the backups over several devices, so as to minimize the chances of overwriting good files with bad. Trying actually to do something, and write what’s needful, and keep track of where everything is.

I’ve all of my photo archives in three different places, now, including the failing laptop. The text files, in which I do creative writing, get backed up a couple times a day.

But I made a pretty flower . . . Going to turn off the lights, again, and concentrate on sleeping.


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