Catching up

halloween decorations, skeletons, hanging on a plank fenceWe have had our hard frost, and yet a few of the wild flax flowers have been showing up, quite unexpectedly. I’ve turned out a few arty versions that I’ll include in the next post.

My HP 4545s died on me over the course of the past couple of weeks. My replacement showed up on Friday (2nd day delivery), and I still am attempting to get everything in place. I still have to/want to upgrade my Corel Paint Shop Pro if I can manage it.

I don’t remember quite when it happened in relation to when I last posted here, but I did end up as co-editor of the Science Fiction Poetry Association’s 2015 Online Halloween Poetry Reading page (with Shannon Connor Winward, who is a gem to work with, BTW). I think that we screened our final submission to the page late yesterday from a new SFPA member. Joe Nazare’s poem, “Them Apples”, may be last on the page, but it’s not lacking in entertainment value. Actually, they’re all pretty good, again this year, art and poetry. All poetry and art are creations of and contributed to the page by SFPA members.

You may remember that I was not the page editor, last year, although I did submit three photoart pieces. Stephanie Wytovich was recruited for the editorship; I remember that we did interact during her editorship, and it was comfortable. It was nice to be back and even nicer to work in partnership with someone, this year. I had missed that over the years. Not the “Lone Ranger” sort of personality . . . and we’re all getting older. My dad’s turning 100, next year, and still doing the autumn leaf raking (see poem) on their double lot that’s shaded by tall cottonwoods, lilac bushes and a nice maple that was planted long after I left home.

Anyway, my poem and Shannon’s are about halfway down the page. Mine is “Halloween Awakening”, and if you have problems with hearing audio files, you can find a text version at under the Performed Poetry heading, along with text versions of my other Halloween Page contributions since 2006; I believe that the only years I missed for poems were 2012 and 2014.

ETA: One more submission just arrived for the Halloween Poetry page. Happiness!