All set up for Thanksgiving Dinner with my husband’s family, hosted in 2013, as this year, by his oldest sister.

Table set for 10 prior to the holiday meal
Thanksgiving Dinner

I was not able to spend the entire evening with the family for Thanksgiving, this year, and so, no new photographs. This year, a second table was added, filling the living room. Little children, growing up. Shy toddlers. Boys attending elementary school. Grandparents. A great-grandparent. Aunts and uncles.

It’s good to see and get to know the next generations. I hope that during the end-of-year holidays I will have another opportunity to spend some time with them.

Later in the evening, my husband brought home with him the makings of a nice dinner for me, which I enjoyed.

This coming Sunday, we will celebrate my birthday. Just my husband and I, this time. I hope, then, to be well enough that we can go out to dinner. Otherwise, the “To Go” menu.

There was mention of a Thanksgiving gathering at my parents’ home on Saturday. They no longer entertain, and so our brother who lives in the same town, and hopefully also our brother’s daughters and their families, will stop by for a short visit. Visitors are disrupting and tiring, even when welcome, and groups do not allow for individual togetherness, nor does playing host. Not when one is much older.

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Recoveries: SpO2=94%, P=67 bpm



cocker spaniel playing with her 6-inch Sesame Street Flea dog toy
Samantha and Minnie Flea, Sharing a Moment

Samantha and her Minnie Flea have taken a break from shredding cardboard on the carpet at the front door to share special time together. I am working on her (Samantha) going outside without a flea or Lamb Chop accompanying her. All of her toys are white (except for Lamb Chop’s bright red front hooves), and if any of them wander out into the back yard, I will be hard put to find them when the snow is deep. (I do still have three more of those 6-inch fleas put away in a box, just in case.) The toys, while special to her, cannot top the cardboard-chewing fascination, however.


At The Art of Disorder, the vanishing casserole, photo and recipe.

Wild Flax Flower Art

We’ve had warm days and nights for a while, again, and today there were some more blue wild flax flowers in the garden.

Rain and snow are in the forecast from sometime Wednesday until this weekend. This may actually be the end of the flowers for the year.

As much as I enjoy the warm and the continuing blooms, I do look forward to snow covering the ground, the wind carrying snowflakes instead of dust.

Drift by my window . . .

Cover with sun-warmed
leaves the burrow’s opening.
There, the rabbits dream.

I do love the colors and patterns of the fallen leaves. At this time of autumn, the rains have begun, and the richness of the colors, the variety of leaves—so many different kinds of trees in our neighborhood—make every trip into our back yard an adventure. And yet, not my favorite sort of leaves and patterns.

autumn leaves filtering sunlight

The temperature is dropping nicely. Soon, snow!