All set up for Thanksgiving Dinner with my husband’s family, hosted in 2013, as this year, by his oldest sister.

Table set for 10 prior to the holiday meal
Thanksgiving Dinner

I was not able to spend the entire evening with the family for Thanksgiving, this year, and so, no new photographs. This year, a second table was added, filling the living room. Little children, growing up. Shy toddlers. Boys attending elementary school. Grandparents. A great-grandparent. Aunts and uncles.

It’s good to see and get to know the next generations. I hope that during the end-of-year holidays I will have another opportunity to spend some time with them.

Later in the evening, my husband brought home with him the makings of a nice dinner for me, which I enjoyed.

This coming Sunday, we will celebrate my birthday. Just my husband and I, this time. I hope, then, to be well enough that we can go out to dinner. Otherwise, the “To Go” menu.

There was mention of a Thanksgiving gathering at my parents’ home on Saturday. They no longer entertain, and so our brother who lives in the same town, and hopefully also our brother’s daughters and their families, will stop by for a short visit. Visitors are disrupting and tiring, even when welcome, and groups do not allow for individual togetherness, nor does playing host. Not when one is much older.

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Recoveries: SpO2=94%, P=67 bpm