Frost on the Window – 2014

We have yet to get frost on our windows, this winter. Also, my best windows for photos may not produce any; the frame was rebuilt during our home repairs project and new windows put in. For the time being we seem to have no storm windows, and so the screens are still in place. I am hoping that the screens are small enough mesh that we won’t get a build-up between the screen and glass. The temperature seems to be rising. May be a warmish winter, here.

Anyway, here is a frost photo from this date in 2014.

sun visible behind frosted window
Frost and Sun

Weatherproofing the Gazebo

It got a bit late in the season, but I finally got the foam blocks into the space between the eaves and the walls of the gazebo. Without them in place, the birds fly up under the eaves and into the gazebo. They have trouble getting out again, sometimes, and in the middle of winter or during storms, they can’t get out and find something to eat. There are cotoneasters in our yard, and one of the shrubs, the larger one, is mostly out of the prevailing wind during winter storms. They’re better off there, because when the weather is really bad, and there’s a couple feet of snow drifts a couple feet high, neither of us get out there. We wait for better weather before shoveling a path.

Tonight’s TV Lineup

We are limited to the antenna selections:

The Voice, Chicago Fire, and Chicago Med

That makes “The Voice” Catherine O’Leary’s cow?

NCIS, NCIS: New Orleans, and Victoria’s secret fashion show

With all those special agents headed for New Orleans at once, Victoria’s show isn’t going to be secret for long.

And on ABC?

I don’t even want to think about the Muppets disembarking to assist Shield’s agents in getting a hydra into the shark tank. Surely there are easier ways to feed a shark.