Five years ago there was snow

Five years ago today, there was freshly fallen snow on the evergreen trees.


3 thoughts on “Five years ago there was snow

    1. We have snow on the ground. Got a nice coating of it a while back. But this week is unseasonably … hot? warm? Sky clears off at night, clouds over during a bit of the day. I think it’s supposed to stay this way through Saturday, which means we’re like to lose our snow cover. If the snow melts down into the long grasses, I may move some grass, if I can find dry, over to the low spot in the gravel that surrounds the gazebo. I know the rabbits hide from the dog there, but I didn’t see any tracks in the snow to it. We laid down a 4-ply, I think, of plastic on top of sand, then pea rock over that, but I can imagine the rabbits digging a burrow under one of the floor braces (which touch the pea rock and basically divide the space under the gazebo into 8ths). I think they could get snug in there if the cold nights/warm days continue too long.


    2. Too tired to cook, today, although I got the dishes done over the weekend, so we went out to the Cajun Café about four o’clock for our midday meal. My second yogurt maker died, a few weeks back, although I got it to limp through with 15 hours and rotating the jars. Stopped at the kitchenwares shop across from the Café (food court in the mall), and it’s stocking yogurt makers, this year!?!? Al pulled out his walking-around stash, and we bought a replacement, the same model as both that died here (one a hand-me-down from Mother), so I have, theoretically, a working yogurt maker again and, counting up all the jars from all the makers, I now have 37 6-oz. jars for yogurt making!!! 😀

      Still tired. Going back to sleep. BTW, love the music…too bad every instrument I play, excepting the piano, requires good breathing. LOL



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