And then the snow began

When I woke up a little before Noon, I found that it has been snowing. Beautiful! I had fallen asleep wearing an old, short-sleeved T-shirt and lounging skirt. Letting Samantha into the back yard, I grabbed my camera along the way and slipped on moccasins, and discovered that the temperature has risen enough to let me take photographs comfortably without jacket, socks, or mittens. No wind…just gentle snow.


2 thoughts on “And then the snow began

    1. Thank you. You would have loved our snow. We could have followed the rabbit tracks to discover whether there is a nest beneath the gazebo. Samantha would love to have me break the trail, so she could investigate personally. 😀

      I fell asleep, again, after grocery shopping. The snow became thicker, and we did need a few things. I got out off the property for the first time since Friday. Noises were muffled. The streets were NOT slippery.

      I awakened, just now, when Al came in to tell me that he has finished shoveling and is going out for coffee. I think that I am feeling well enough to take laundry downstairs to wash. Frightfully behind! But it will be nice to have clean sheets to sleep on, tonight.


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