Sunday, Sunday

Frost ferns on Al's window
Looking West

This has been a remarkably bad winter for frost on our windows. The “January” thaw has continued throughout February with only a few really low temperatures. And so, another photo from years past.

Still have not regained balance of life’s activities following the death of our dog, Samantha.

Best Friends, Parted

A link to “Best Friends”, a poem about Samantha and the wild rabbit in the back yard.

Samantha, 2008-2016
Samantha, 2008-2016

Samantha had an infection that quickly went septic. When we went to the emergency animal hospital, the veterinarian gave her a sedative before the examination. And so, after we discussed options, we were able to spend some time with her before she was put to sleep.

She was a joy-filled dog who kept us active and laughing. We miss her immensely. Her partner (we’ve always had two dogs until now) was born January 8, 1999 and died on December 31, 2012. She missed him, but did decide that she enjoyed being the only puppy, and so we put off finding another to take Rascal’s place. We have never been without a dog. I don’t think that we can manage without.

It’s one o’clock


It’s one o’clock! It’s
time to trade in background noise
for soft, soothing sounds.

“Midnight Rainshowers”
fall about my ears instead
of air-cleaner breeze.

Puppy snores now reign.
TV’s shut down and the clock
lacks new batteries.

And, joy, book apps
provide me with no swoosh of
page or paper cuts.

Peace has descended
on our busy home. No eyes
watch me raid the fridge.

Good night!

Lizl, enjoying one last helping of mixed, sliced melons and just a few more grapes

Copyright © 2016-02-19, by Lizl Bennefeld.
All rights reserved.

ETA: This was the last time that Samantha got up to share my midnight snack (a piece of watermelon. By 4:00 in the afternoon, she was going into septic shock. We got her to the vet’s a few hours later, where she was put to sleep. I still can’t quit crying. —Lizl, 10 a.m., 2016-02-25.

Monday Morning, Late Breakfast

I had some allergy problems in addition to last night’s stormy, windy weather, and so I did not get to sleep until close to morning. Al started out for his volunteer shift, so I took a nap then, and had time to take some care with my late breakfast.

Monday’s Breakfast

Organic squash soup was in the cupboard. To that I added half of a hardboiled egg and several pinches of curry powder. As a side, the rest of the egg, which I shared with Samantha, two melon slices, and seven raw, unsalted almonds. The bananas are there because they didn’t get put away, last night. I brewed oolong tea, this morning.

Light & Frost

Frost Ferns 2009 looking west

No frost on the windows for yet another day, but I have found some frost photos from previous years, as well as a photo of the sun’s light appearing from behind the trees to the east of us. Cold out there (11°F/-12°C), but not enough to interfere with stepping onto the front steps to take a few photographs.

Samantha woke me up, again, but it was time for her to go outside, and so we got up. I’ve now put on coffee.