Childhood things, so long ago

Daily Post photo challenge: Time.

homemade stuffed cat toy and tied quilt
old quilt and salvaged toy

Once the old has been used up and thrown out, hauled to the junkyard to be burned, memories become intangible. The past disappears.


5 thoughts on “Childhood things, so long ago

    1. In a way, since the quilt was one that Mother made before I left home for college; she sent it home with us during the process of downsizing. I believe she gave me the cat pincushion when I first took up counted cross-stitch, which I very much enjoyed. After all these decades, earlier memories blend together. 🙂

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      1. I sometimes feel that way, with blurred memories of my own children’s first years. Who did what when, I ask myself now and then. My curse for giggling at my mother-in-law when she couldn’t remember things I asked her about raising her own seven children. Of course I didn’t laugh to her face, she is a wonderful woman whom I respect very much. But I thought ‘how can she not remember these things?’ That was before I had my own children and ‘baby brain’ set in!

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        1. My mind has always been a sieve, focusing more inwardly than out. Our family is large enough that she’s always had trouble keeping kids straight in her mind. [I know I’m in trouble when she starts calling me Dorothy (one of her sisters) or Roy (my father).] When she mentions having trouble remembering as she gets older, I ask her what our excuse was 30 years ago, when we were having the same problem. 🙂

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