Frost, 2013

melting frost, patterns on the window
Frost on the Window, Melting
melting frost on the window
Frost on the Window

No frost on the windows, again, and so here are a couple of photos from this date in 2013. The refurbishments seem to have done wonders for eliminating frost formations.

I am hopeful that at some soon point, I will put on my boots and go outside, again, with my camera. In the meanwhile, cozy warm is wonderful.



One thought on “Frost, 2013

  1. Funny, twice I saw a seahorse in the top picture? I took some frost photos this week, not nearly as fascinating as yours, but I was thinking about you when I took them. It has been busy days, back to work nearly full time and very early for that, but we are renovating the hotel so it is all hands on deck. They are a few days old, but just the same, I am inspired by you to post my frost pics. I hope you are well and enjoying the week. Stay warm šŸ™‚ Melissa


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