Best Friends, Parted

A link to “Best Friends”, a poem about Samantha and the wild rabbit in the back yard.

Samantha, 2008-2016
Samantha, 2008-2016

Samantha had an infection that quickly went septic. When we went to the emergency animal hospital, the veterinarian gave her a sedative before the examination. And so, after we discussed options, we were able to spend some time with her before she was put to sleep.

She was a joy-filled dog who kept us active and laughing. We miss her immensely. Her partner (we’ve always had two dogs until now) was born January 8, 1999 and died on December 31, 2012. She missed him, but did decide that she enjoyed being the only puppy, and so we put off finding another to take Rascal’s place. We have never been without a dog. I don’t think that we can manage without.


8 thoughts on “Best Friends, Parted

  1. Oh Lizl, this breaks my heart. You shared much about Samantha through your photos and writing and I feel a connection to her. That,and having had my own experiences with the loss of a beloved pet, has me feeling deeply sad for you. She was a blessed dog to be cared for by you. Hugs, Melissa


    1. Thank you for the hugs, Melissa. There’s a lot of crying going on around here. Mourning, adjustments, getting the house cleaned and straightened. Until we’re ready to welcome new puppies rather than replacements for my Sam and Al’s Rascal.


    1. Yes, can remember bringing home our dogs. It’s always a joyful occasion. Previous to Samantha, our cocker spaniels lived to 14 and 15 years old. Losing Sam so young was a terrible shock.

      The long-haired Cocker spaniels so far have been the only breed I seem not to be allergic to–probably because I grew up around them. It is helpful to meet the puppies in the breeder’s home, along with their mother, and sometimes the father of the puppies, also. We got a better feel for temperaments, that way, and how they interact with their litter mates.

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