Leap Year’s Day 2012

Snow storm, drifting residential streets and garbage bins blown over

dreams of winter’s drifts
memories of wind and clouds
snowflakes on my nose

warm embrace, hugs and kisses…
eating homemade noodle soup

Copyright © by Lizl Bennefeld.
All rights reserved.


6 thoughts on “Leap Year’s Day 2012

      1. I miss the snow too. We too have had it mild, but record for rainfall. Very blah type of weather. I’m calling it mono-season…never too warm, never too cold, mostly not pleasant. Sorry to be negative. I am not one to complain about the weather, but it is getting tiring and I am missing the sunshine.


        1. We have had far too little rain, here, and we’re going to feel the effects. A neighbor city has arranged to buy their water from our city because of water levels and quality of the river they’ve been getting their water from. Our river, the Red River, has a very low water level at the end of this winter. Not only will there not be a flood, but we’ll be lucky if the runoff will bring the level even up to flood stage. I’ve been “whining” for years about the fragility of the infrastructure, the lack of alternative resources.

          It is nice to be able to sit out in the sun in the afternoon, watching the puppies play, however. Would be happy for more rain, but glad to know we will not be faced with flooding.

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          1. Seems preventive action is less common these days, giving way to reactive instead. A solution will be sought out when the problem arises. Drought is as big a problem as flooding, though perhaps with less material damage. I hope you get the rain you need before you need it.

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