Time out . . .

There are no frost fern photographs, this year. Current weather is 38°F with light rain.

In the meanwhile, we are housebreaking the new dogs and accustoming them to the rhythms and rules of the house. And I am remembering how much easier it is to train a new dog at four or five months. Puppy snapshots at Stray Coffee Breaks.



3 thoughts on “Time out . . .

    1. I’ve just awakened from a nap. Very hard to get a full night’s sleep. 😀 Thank you! Strenuous, but worthwhile, building foundations.

      This evening, Al’s sister and her husband invited us to bring our puppies to their home for a visit. Big back yard, and they decided to go pet-less when their Springer Spaniel died, a few years back. The weather has been warm, and it was good to be able to visit out of doors while the puppies ran wild and got lots of attention from people they didn’t yet know. They need much socialization.

      Al said that we might ask if we could bring them along for Easter dinner on the 27th. I am not going to push for that. Too many people is the very *least* of the concerns. 😀

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      1. I too had a nap today. Struggling to balance work and home life these days. I love napping!

        Puppies have so much energy. They must love the company of one another. Playing together must help them burn off some of that puppy energy.

        We have given no thought to Easter dinner yet, but we enjoy spending holidays just the seven of us the last couple of years as we have become increasingly busier and the ‘alone’ time is so welcome.

        I really ought to go to bed now, 3 a.m. here. The nap has given me energy to enjoy the quiet house but it is getting late and I have to work at 11 a.m. I did make sure to have two days off this week so have at the least done the minimum I wanted to for myself, though my goal is three to four days off steady. No one is going to take care of me for me…my mantra of late! Thanks for listening to my rantings here. Xx


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