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Why I Write

I am a life-long writer/journaler. I write to objectivize the world outside of me; that is, the reality that is independent of my mind, which I intuit through the senses. I write to know and understand what I truly see and to determine what I feel about that reality, its physical shape, its human and other inhabitants, and the interactions among the not-living world, the combination of forces and elements, and the cause and effect of both that and the living things that depend upon God and the seemingly not-aware stage within which they live out countless generations in peace, avoidance, violence, altruism and self-destruction as species.

I write. I objectivize. I freak out a lot. And then I turn inwards and write some more. “I am not responsible in total or part for the path the future takes,” I write; “I am responsible for recognizing truth and doing what is right.”

Self-aware individuals have a great capacity for rationalization. They seek personal survival, personal gain. Few recognize the necessity for an all-encompassing altruism in order that somethings—someones—should survive to witness the end of all things. The Universe should not die alone.

Lizl Bennefeld
Copyright © 2016-05-17.

Day One in Writing: Finding Everyday Inspiration, Blogging University.


4 thoughts on “I write because…because I write | Everyday Inspiration Day 1

  1. Hi! Great post. It’s nice to be passionate about something and make the things happen. (I enjoy writing as well!) I also took this class ! See you next time.

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  2. This is layers and fathoms deep, and it reads like prose poetry. Writing about the worlds we know, inside and out, and worlds to come shows wonderful insight and talent. I (too) look forward to future postings.

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  3. It’s a feeling that you transfer through this. Being passionate is that voice you use, the feeling you add. It nice to see it recognized.


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