Weekend, Photo Art

Al’s doing some ARRL Field Day stuff, this weekend, and so the puppies and I enjoyed an unstructured afternoon. I’m glad that I didn’t go along; he called to tell me the site had not been mowed. The grass is above his knees, and wood ticks are plentiful. The puppies are wondering where he is, right now. Too bad that they can’t understand what I mean, if I try to tell them.

Thursday’s Flowers

The morning is cool, the wind is moderating and the flowers in the garden are blooming. The poor honeybee is still trying to land on the wild flax flowers, which stems and petals will not support its weight.

The neighbors across the back fence, whose son has been teasing our dogs, are loading furniture into the U-Haul rental truck. That should mean that their new-to-them house with built-in dog run is ready to receive them. I am certain that all will benefit from the larger space and freedom of their own property. The parents have been quite congenial, and their boxer pup is sweet and tries so hard to be a “good” dog.

I stayed up, last night, to put in my miles (2.5) on the exercise bike in the gazebo, and then again until four o’clock or so, reading. Scion of Cyador by L. E. Modesitt, Jr., and A Sea Change by Lynda Ward. I previously finished Dead End Street (Museum Mystery Series) by Sheila Connolly.

The puppies are inside the house, tormenting Al, and so I had better end this post and go in to make coffee and think about lunch. Best wishes for your day!

Wednesday’s Flower Art

I spent most of the day with the puppies, going back to the beginning to enforce proper indoor behavior. They’re spending lots of time in their kennels, with me taking them out frequently for outside and water. When they’re loose, they’re confined to the room that I’m in. I think this is working.

I did manage to get in 2.5 miles on the exercise bike. I think I missed a couple days in the midst of everything.

My next chore is to get some more boxes sorted and paper put through the shredder for next week’s garbage pickup.

The photo taking, first thing in the morning, is really great. As is the exercise bike after the sun’s gone down, out in the gazebo. I must find some exercises for the rest of me, now that my blood oxygen level is approximately where it is supposed to be.

Tuesday’s Photos| June 21

Cocker spaniel puppies, listening to a sound from the right
The Scampers in the Morning

Our day was quite busy. Al spent it pulling/spraying weeds around the house and in the back yard. Right down to the bare dirt, since no grass came up where we had put down seed on the dirt hauled in last summer to build up the yard around the house. The air was dry and breezy, and the sky was without clouds, and so the blue wild flax lost their petals before Noon.

As last, I got caught up, again, on the dish-washing. Digging around in the refrigerator, I discovered another seven jars of yogurt (homemade). Still quite good/fresh. I must have made another batch, forgetting I’d made the first the day before.

I fell asleep in my chair, last night, and awoke at a quarter of six, this morning, to find all the lights still on in the kitchen and living room. I’d heard Al’s TV still on in the other room just before I fell asleep, but evidently he didn’t get up, again, either. How strange!

The Weekend, Pictures

painting by my late mother-in-law
Country Scene

In the process of going through our possessions, giving some away and tossing others, I have enjoyed revisiting items of significance. My husband’s family on his mother’s side has produced a variety of artists: painters, musicians, writers, crafters and such. The saw blade was painted by Al’s mother. She painted a fair number of them as I understand it. We have more conventional paintings by her and one of her brothers hung throughout the house. His mother also was a quilter.  Several of Al’s aunts wrote columns for town, county and/or area newspapers. Several of Al’s first cousins were accomplished singers.

Life has been too hectic. I couldn’t stand not writing for another day, and so I have kept awake through the night, while the puppies are sleeping. I can put in miles on the exercise bike and 15 to 30 minutes practicing piano and doing the finger exercises, but being hyper alert whenever the puppies are not asleep in their kennels is more than I can handle while trying to write. Dogs, computers and stove-top cooking are a particularly bad combination. And Thaddeus has figured out how to push out the kitchen chairs, climb onto the table and from there, reach the kitchen counter at the other side. I do not know where I am going to put the art that sits on the shelves instead of being hung on the walls. I’m almost through gathering the rest of the books that are not locked in a closed cabinet into boxes to take to the basement. We discarded enough books that we never would read again to open enough shelf space to house the refugees from the upstairs. Until the puppies outgrow their need to chew all cloth and paper products within their reach. Naps! Love ’em! Need ’em!

Going to try for a couple hours of sleep, now.

Summer is here . . .

A few cool, wet days have made life more comfortable and less complicated. And there’s been good growth among the blue wild flax flowers. Also the weeds, where we had dirt added around the house, last summer. The weed killer being inadequate, and the vinegar in boiling water totally inadequate because of widespread thistles that are growing faster than I can kill them off, Al’s taken to pulling them out by hand. Also, he bought a weed puller that we hope will work better when the soil’s drier.

I have appreciated being able to exercise in the gazebo later in the morning instead of before 8 o’clock. Still practicing the piano after either lunch or supper, when I have more privacy. I have not played piano to any extent since basement seepage required using the living room as a storage room; a few years after that, I began to have breathing problems. The living room is now clear of relocated storage items, book boxes, and unwanted furniture. I have yet to remove knickknacks and the remaining books from the living room shelving, so we can remove the last remaining carpeting.

I have written little to nothing for weeks, now. I am not sure that will change for a while. Think I’ve shut down and isolated. Never did coexist productively with stress.

End of the Week / June 10


The Scampers seem to be enjoying the warmer weather and the sunshine. I’ve just brought them inside, again, although they would rather have stayed out of doors, lying in the tall grass in the back yard.

This was a good morning. I was up by seven o’clock to move the yogurt jars from incubator to refrigerator. Afterwards I enjoyed putting in 2.8 miles on the exercise bike (which is once again losing tension; must find out how to restore it). I’ve bought fresh fruit to enjoy with a jar (or two) of yogurt for a late lunch. After taking photographs and catching up on washing dishes, the puppies and I enjoyed a brief nap. The temperature is now in the mid-80s. I am glad that I got the exercise bike session out of the way when the temperature was still below 70°F.