Summer is here . . .

A few cool, wet days have made life more comfortable and less complicated. And there’s been good growth among the blue wild flax flowers. Also the weeds, where we had dirt added around the house, last summer. The weed killer being inadequate, and the vinegar in boiling water totally inadequate because of widespread thistles that are growing faster than I can kill them off, Al’s taken to pulling them out by hand. Also, he bought a weed puller that we hope will work better when the soil’s drier.

I have appreciated being able to exercise in the gazebo later in the morning instead of before 8 o’clock. Still practicing the piano after either lunch or supper, when I have more privacy. I have not played piano to any extent since basement seepage required using the living room as a storage room; a few years after that, I began to have breathing problems. The living room is now clear of relocated storage items, book boxes, and unwanted furniture. I have yet to remove knickknacks and the remaining books from the living room shelving, so we can remove the last remaining carpeting.

I have written little to nothing for weeks, now. I am not sure that will change for a while. Think I’ve shut down and isolated. Never did coexist productively with stress.