The Weekend, Pictures

painting by my late mother-in-law
Country Scene

In the process of going through our possessions, giving some away and tossing others, I have enjoyed revisiting items of significance. My husband’s family on his mother’s side has produced a variety of artists: painters, musicians, writers, crafters and such. The saw blade was painted by Al’s mother. She painted a fair number of them as I understand it. We have more conventional paintings by her and one of her brothers hung throughout the house. His mother also was a quilter.  Several of Al’s aunts wrote columns for town, county and/or area newspapers. Several of Al’s first cousins were accomplished singers.

Life has been too hectic. I couldn’t stand not writing for another day, and so I have kept awake through the night, while the puppies are sleeping. I can put in miles on the exercise bike and 15 to 30 minutes practicing piano and doing the finger exercises, but being hyper alert whenever the puppies are not asleep in their kennels is more than I can handle while trying to write. Dogs, computers and stove-top cooking are a particularly bad combination. And Thaddeus has figured out how to push out the kitchen chairs, climb onto the table and from there, reach the kitchen counter at the other side. I do not know where I am going to put the art that sits on the shelves instead of being hung on the walls. I’m almost through gathering the rest of the books that are not locked in a closed cabinet into boxes to take to the basement. We discarded enough books that we never would read again to open enough shelf space to house the refugees from the upstairs. Until the puppies outgrow their need to chew all cloth and paper products within their reach. Naps! Love ’em! Need ’em!

Going to try for a couple hours of sleep, now.