Thursday’s Flowers

The morning is cool, the wind is moderating and the flowers in the garden are blooming. The poor honeybee is still trying to land on the wild flax flowers, which stems and petals will not support its weight.

The neighbors across the back fence, whose son has been teasing our dogs, are loading furniture into the U-Haul rental truck. That should mean that their new-to-them house with built-in dog run is ready to receive them. I am certain that all will benefit from the larger space and freedom of their own property. The parents have been quite congenial, and their boxer pup is sweet and tries so hard to be a “good” dog.

I stayed up, last night, to put in my miles (2.5) on the exercise bike in the gazebo, and then again until four o’clock or so, reading. Scion of Cyador by L. E. Modesitt, Jr., and A Sea Change by Lynda Ward. I previously finished Dead End Street (Museum Mystery Series) by Sheila Connolly.

The puppies are inside the house, tormenting Al, and so I had better end this post and go in to make coffee and think about lunch. Best wishes for your day!


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