Quiet Weekend

We spent a quiet weekend at home, which I much enjoyed. Played with the puppies, took naps with them, and spent much time in the back yard and front sitting room just sharing space. I assisted with some tasks requiring more than two hands, setting up a new antenna for tuning (amateur radio operators, here). Wires of all sorts are attractive to puppies, as are shiny pieces of hardware.

And there were flowers to photograph and play with, which I also enjoyed. And cooking! A neighbor gifted us with four cucumbers from his garden, and so I made a cucumber & onion salad with sour cream and white wine vinegar, sugar and black pepper. Turned out to be really good. Also, a farmer friend ran into my husband at his favorite coffee shop and sent home with him four fresh-picked ears of sweet corn. Both made nice additions to the weekend menu.

I also put in six miles on the exercise bike during Saturday and Sunday, and I had a good time with the warm-up exercises for the piano. What I’ve always enjoyed the most is the feeling, the physical experience of playing piano. It reminds me of running. The rhythms of the body in motion.

Looking forward to a cooler, rainy week, here. Laundry, cooking and rereading some comfort books. If we get some steady rains, I’ll take my book and the puppies into the gazebo, where we can listen to the rain on the roof.


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