Rain and Dew

Several days this week were damp and relatively cool. The first blooming of the blue wild flax plants of the year has ended, and their seed pods have spread. I wait to find out if there will be a second growth and blooming. Many seeds ended up growing in the yard outside the garden area, and were mowed down.

The Scampers come in soaked in rain and dew, more often than not, and lie on the love seat in the living room to dry out. Since Thaddeus has a predilection for chewing fabric, I have run out of blankets to spread over the cushions. I may next sacrifice my old bath sheets, the next time there is a good sale on towels, wash cloths, &c.

I will continue this on The Art of Disorder, once I get the puppies out, fed, out, coffee made, and so forth. The household is beginning to wake up, and my husband has places to be, this morning.

Best wishes for your day!


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