Thursday’s Garden

Only two flowers appeared, yesterday, on the blue wild flax plants in the wildflower garden. The plot reseeded well, and I’m on my third growth of these annual plants. I don’t think that they will make it into November, though, this year. Al is hoping to build a small building in the back yard for his woodworking, which will allow him to be involved in that during more of the year and also to help keep the sawdust out of the house, since I am quite allergic to it. (Also, his working surfaces will not continuously fill with boxes, bottles, etc. that keep him from working without a couple days of cleaning first.)

He’s suggested that we abandon the current flower garden in favor of a 4′ x 10′ close to the southwest edge of the lot, so that I can kneel in the soft grass and reach to plant and weed comfortably along the whole garden plot. I expect that we will need to bring in fresh soil as well as nutrients to mix in, if the clay is too close to the surface. I need to figure out where the shadows lie, so that I will select wildflower mixtures to suit. I would like to plant some milkweed and some butterfly bush plants. And perhaps flax seed for plants with both red and blue flowers.


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