Frost & Scampers


Our promised storm was not visible here, away from the winds. I think that a No Travel advisory is still in effect in the area. The temperature is expected to drop after Noon with a high of -2°F for tomorrow. The out-of-doors is beautiful, but I don’t want to go outside again until April.

We were having a sleep-in, this morning, but I woke up an hour before my alarm. Got on the telephone to the clinic to find out what was about with my appointment times through March. Also, called the pharmacy to discover the why of a particular prescription oddity.

Still worrying the ins and outs of the diet, but now I do have an appointment with a diabetes dietitian, next week. I do hope that it is of some help. If I’m understanding this, the idea is to eat enough carbohydrates to avoid the “I’m starving” mechanism that sets off the liver’s manufacturing glucose, but not enough at a time to spur the pancreas into overdrive. I, who can forget to eat, … I consider purchasing an alarm that will ring when it is time for a meal or snack. With a variable tone, so that it will not fade into the background noise and , through familiarity, go unheard.

I have found some cookbooks that address gluten-free cooking for the diabetic diet, which I am finding helpful.



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  1. Happy Christmas and New Year Lizl. It sounds like you are working on some dietary issues? I hope it hasn’t caused too great a change in your routine and lifestyle.
    I have been away from the computer for some time now, just not feeling like expressing myself here or there. I do miss my cyber friends though and am reconnecting. I have seen many take breaks so know it is not that unusual. But all is well and I am enjoying a wonderful school break with the children.
    Our winter has been extremely mild. Bittersweet of course as global warming is always on the mind during these enjoyable times. Though it doesn’t sound like the cold has skirted your neck of the woods. I always enjoy your artistic frosty photos, almost missing the snow myself!
    I do so hope you, your hubby and the dogs are all well, and of course, all whom you love and care for. Take care and talk soon, Melissa

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    1. After a number of unusually warm, dry winters, we have snow and temperatures below 0°F. Horrid wind chills around -35° to -40°F. I do quite have type-2 diabetes; I suspect the stress of the last nine months of my mother’s life. A lot is changing as far as lifestyle, habits, diet and medication. Juggling the diabetes diet and gluten-free diet is … engaging. I also have oral surgery that was urgent as of November, but which I put off because I suspected health problems, and so put surgery off until I could get in for a medical exam. I’d had to wait for months for a doctor to have an opening.

      Al has his annual check-up on the 10th, and he should be getting up early, this morning, to have his fasting blood tests done. He’s been tired and sleeping too much. But he does have annual physicals because of high blood pressure.

      So, on Dec. 13, my glucose level was 399; I started on metformin on the 16th, and on the 6th of this month, go to the full dose. In the meanwhile, while I wait for my first appointment with the diabetes dietitian, I’ve been doing some reading and making what I hope are appropriate changes to eating patterns and menus. The two lowest readings I’ve had this week are 150 (a few days ago) and 165 (last night); the trend is toward generally lower readings each few days, but still higher than those two lows. My weight has fallen gradually over the past five years (50 lbs), and that’s continuing to slide downward. My personal target at this point is to lose another 50 lb.

      I work to maintain online contacts because almost all of my people contact is online. In-person interactions are problematic because of the fragrance sensitivities and allergies. I don’t believe that I know anyone locally, anymore, aside from family, and we are not close at all in terms of ongoing social interactions. Just me and Al and the puppies. A lot of love and affection, but a limited pool. 😀

      Happy to know that all is well with you and yours. Time off from media is certainly good. I enjoy reading your posts and getting a taste of what living in a broader world might have involved. Best wishes for your new year!


  2. Goodness Lizl. Someone once said to me that we are never dealt more than we can handle, but that seems more than anyone should have to endure all at one time. I would never have suspected from your previous posts as you have always been so positive and uplifting. My thoughts and prayers will continually be with you in your efforts to improve your health. Here’s to an improved 2017. ❤


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