Happy Domesticity

Enjoyed cooking, this morning, and then taking a nap with the Scampers.

This photo, however, was taken a couple of nights ago, when the Scampers fell asleep next to Al. That brown board to the right is the edge of his computer lapdesk.

cocker spaniels napping on couch

Still low key around here, adjusting to my parents’ deaths and the activity and people exposure involved with funerals and two “meetings of the clan” within such a short period of time. Avoiding activity in general except as amusement. I’ve started doing some exercising again, and I haven’t quite gotten back on my diet, but it’s pulling together. I’ll know that’s working when I actually start writing down the foods with their calorie and carbohydrate counts.

In the meanwhile I am continuing to think about what I want to do with the resurrection of two of my discontinued domains. I had thought to construct a writing/photo collection to complement the blogs where I put up anything and everything. I’m still too much in slow motion to make that practical. It will go faster when I dig out my old website backups and use some of the pages as templates.

Roy – death in the family

father, granddaughter and great-grandson
Roy with a granddaughter and great-grandson

About three and a half months after my mother’s death, my father has died. He still was in good health, if vital signs are any indication, but he passed away in his sleep shortly before eleven o’clock last Sunday evening. Not sure if he slipped away while my brother was out of the room for a bit, Father’s having pled need of a nap, or just didn’t notice when he came back into the room later to sit with him for a while. He’d been saying for a while that he was ready to go home. Our thought is that without Mother, and with all details of life wrapped up once a contract was drawn up for one of the kids to buy the family home to keep it in the family, he quit putting in the effort to stick around here any longer.

father and mother in 1942
Roy and Elleen