Saturday Morning

When I got outside, this morning, I took both cameras with me. The new one, also an Olympus (Tough T-4, with micro and ‘microscope’ settings), has a learning curve, but I am having fun experimenting with it. Fortunately, the last camera I got is still working pretty well. When I drop it (in the garden mud, a water puddle, &c.), it’s hard to get the lens cleaned off and everything wiped and dried. The Tough is better in that regard, and I don’t suspect that I will quit dropping things as time goes on.

May 1-5 is Spring Clean-up Week, and I am hoping that the large rummage sale at the duplex, three lots away, is in advance of that, rather than a weekly event. I dislike having cars parking and then moving on, again, with great frequency, from in front of our house. The Scampers go wild with barking, and my face mask does not help that much with exhaust/hot oil fumes. It is, however, fun to watch people on our block’s pick-up day, which will be this Tuesday, as they spot something interesting in one of the stacks and start looking through for similar items in deeper layers.

Only two more days to go in the National Poetry Writing Month exercise. I have two more to write, today’s and tomorrow’s. Technically, I did not write a new poem for each day. On a couple of days, I had a previous poem of mine that I posted instead. Something that fit the topic particularly well. One prompt was fitting in is hard to do. My favorite, however, was on Day 28, with the prompt ‘silence of falling snow’: “the lake in winter”.

Neighborhood Happening

Looked outside to see a tree-removal truck with backing into the driveway across the street. I expect that the evergreen tree had to come down because of its coming so close to a power line that runs across the street. Still, I was sorry to see it go.

Some trees were removed from the boulevard in front of the house to the south of ours, quite a few owners ago, and they’ve never been replaced. I’d like that to change. However, those neighbors have had frequent problems with roots clogging the sewer pipes, while we haven’t, situated on the other side of two driveways. Would not volunteer to have trees to the east of us. The tall bushes in our back yard, although they have trouble growing in the wet and damp, have no pipes to sink their roots into.

Three Things Thursday: Flowers, Puppies, Backyard Project

The three things I’ve been especially grateful for, this week, are my puppies, my flowers, and my husband and I being able to work together on his backyard project, which is building a woodworking space for himself.


Especially when I am having a down day, but actually all the time, I am grateful for my puppies, who love us and are cute. They play and they cuddle. They bring me out of myself.


My “project” is always the flowers around the house, and especially the wildflowers, which I love, in the back yard. At least, they will be if this latest round of freezing rain, winds, rain and snow, don’t kill them off. I do have lots of flower seed yet, so I can replant!

Backyard Project

I get to help with the listening as well as lifting and carrying lumber and tools in and out, as needed.


Sunday Afternoon

Today’s weather, a hangover from last night’s, was too wet and windy for outdoor work. Al volunteered for an extra volunteer shift, and I am relaxing at home. It feels really good. The photo is of the workshop (in progress), with Al taking a coffee break and inspecting his work for flaws and any needed improvements before the next steps in the process.

There were flowers, some closing up because of the cold winds and rain. We do still have snow in the forecast. Tuesday, I believe.

There has been rain…and flowers


Flowers after rain

The weather turned cooler, with rain, but progress has been made on building the workshop. I’ve found myself back in bed, however, after being up for three or four hours, because of cold feet.

Yes! Cold feet! I finally found an old heating pad, and I’ve warmed the tops of my feet. Now, I’m holding it between the soles. Should not have been walking around in wet moccasins, this morning.

Next on the agenda is to feed the Scampers their noon meal, find warm socks, and write my poem(s) for today’s National Poetry Writing Month ongoing event during April.

Accomplishments for today, so far? Fed the Scampers their breakfasts, cleaned up after them, took photos, and fitted in half-hour nap before lunchtime. (Have not yet made lunch.)

Easter Weekend

Fine Tuning the Framework

We spent some quality time with family, this evening, and then came home to play with the puppies. I’ve got a few photos from several days taken with my telephone camera. I also enjoyed having a telephone conversation with my sibling next in age to me, who lives in the Twin Cities.

The weekend has sped by too rapidly, and I am still one poem short in the National Poetry Writing Month activity. I did get my wildflower seeds sown, finally, and watered. Must do that again in the morning, so that they are not blown away by the wind. All in all, an enjoyable time.

two cocker spaniels asleep on the loveseat across the room from me
Sleepy Scampers



Some mental health days

lunch - beef sandwich with mustard, havarti cheese, mixed salad greens with French dressing
Late Lunch

Yesterday, I had my second meeting with the grief counselor from hospice, and today it has finally sunk in that I no longer need to be wedded to my telephone. I need not expect a call from hospital, retirement center or nursing home, demanding decisions from me. Unless by or about a sibling or my husband, which is quite different from decision-making on behalf of a parent. I can leave my telephone in the house, on its charger in the other room…even when I go shopping.

I discover that I have been sitting in this chair, subconsciously feeling that it has been an uncomfortable amount of time since the phone has rung, summoning me, and I’ve been waiting for the ball to drop…the sky to fall on me…the river to flood or a tornado to head in my direction.

I think that I should do things out of the routine for a few days: exercising, going for a walk, playing the piano. I could find something else to do with the chicken breasts that Al bought at the butcher shop.

This afternoon I have tallied the sequence of the most unsettling events and losses in my life, as well as unwelcome discoveries, and decided that I really do need to take some mental health days. (One can do that, even when one is no longer an employee, I assume. And much more easily!) My tally of “life changes” points just needs some time to time out.

I did also get out into the back yard to help Al raise the last section of the final wall of the workshop. I expect that it won’t be long before the windows are delivered and the walls will sport door, windows, plywood (inside) and pressboard (outside).

I have no commitments, now, until next month’s haircut, aside from any holiday doings over the weekend. For which I do not have to cook. I think that I will pull up the latest edition of Stress Management and find out what changes, if any, have been made to the stress-relieving exercises and imageries.

A bright note to the day. The keepsake that I had ordered from Café Press arrived with this afternoon’s mail delivery. I decided on a keepsake notions box, because if at some point, I have to move out of the house, it will be readily portable. SFF Net closed down at the end of last month, and it was pretty much my Internet home for nearly twenty years. I’m missing it a lot.