#WeekendCoffeeShare – Again, a weekend!

I am sharing this post from one of my other blogs because I want to get caught up at The Moments Between, but realize that I’d simply repeat this verbatim or edit it down.

Currently I am attempting to write (or, in desperation, reuse) a poem a day during NaPoWriMo2017. That may lead to more blog posts as I attempt to avoid writing poetry for 30 days in a row. ::grin::

Lizl's Coffee Breaks

If we were getting together for coffee, this weekend, we might take our cups into the back yard, where we could settle into the gazebo and watch the dogs run and play together.  The rain is supposed to be over by eight o’clock, and so the ground may be dry by the time I’m awake, again. My husband has turned our garage into a workshop, where he is putting together what will become his actual workshop. His dream has been to plan and construct a freestanding workshop for his woodworking. The lumber for the frame was delivered, and he’s made enough progress that he’s recruiting friends and family to help raise the walls, sometime this week. Early, I think.

The excitement has been wearing on the puppies. Charlie fell asleep, one afternoon, on the back of the love seat. A little too much energy wore off too quickly. I’m surprised…

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