Three Things Thursday: Flowers, Puppies, Backyard Project

The three things I’ve been especially grateful for, this week, are my puppies, my flowers, and my husband and I being able to work together on his backyard project, which is building a woodworking space for himself.


Especially when I am having a down day, but actually all the time, I am grateful for my puppies, who love us and are cute. They play and they cuddle. They bring me out of myself.


My “project” is always the flowers around the house, and especially the wildflowers, which I love, in the back yard. At least, they will be if this latest round of freezing rain, winds, rain and snow, don’t kill them off. I do have lots of flower seed yet, so I can replant!

Backyard Project

I get to help with the listening as well as lifting and carrying lumber and tools in and out, as needed.