Wednesday Morning

Awake early, I took my blood glucose test early, and then fell asleep, again, until 0900, when the dogs woke me. A bright, sunny day with roadwork and concrete dust in the air! I got outside with the camera just as the first city worker arrived to put up the road-block signs, and I got more than fifty photographs before I had to quit. The sun hadn’t gotten to the southwest side of the house, more than just the first grouping of flowers. Hoping to get outside again before the day is done.

Our family connection and his crew got over here, yesterday morning, to put the roof on the workshop. Next step is to add tar paper and make it watertight. Such fun! I get recruited to fetch, carry, and “hold that in place”, whenever I go into the back yard. Al has decided that he wants to do his own shingling, &c, since he’s been shingling the workshop roof in his dreams for years, before deciding that he really had to build one. It’s nice to see one’s dreams come to pass.